More on’s Afghanistan Crossroads released more details about its Afghanistan Crossroads blog, which will contribute to the news organization’s coverage of Decision: Afghanistan, President Barack Obama’s address on Afghanistan Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

CNN correspondents who will file ongoing reports on Afghanistan Crossroads include: Kabul-based Atia Abawi; Berlin-based Fred Pleitgen, who is currently embedded with the U.S. military in Afghanistan; New Delhi-based Sara Sidner; and Pakistan-based Reza Sayah.

Afghanistan Crossroads will also feature quick voting and comments, as well as CNN iReport contributions from users. managing editor Meredith Artley said:

No other news organization has the resources to cover Afghanistan like CNN, and we’re using this blog to help our users navigate one of the most important, complex stories in the world today. Our expert teams in the region and around the world, as well as the global CNN iReport community, will fuel our reporting in a visually dynamic and interactive format.