More NY Times Buyouts [Updated]

NYTimeslogoThe list of New York Times staffers taking buyouts continues to grow. The latest include media reporter Christine Haughney and special projects editor Lexi Mainland.

Both veterans announced their departures on Twitter. “After 8 years with @nytimes including nearly 3 years writing about my colleagues in the troubled newspaper industry, I am taking a buyout” wrote Haughney. “After 8.5 years, I’m moving on from @nytimes,” tweeted Mainland. “It’s been the thrill of a lifetime to play a part in the world’s best journalism.”

The full list of staffers taking a buyout is below. We’re updating each day, so if we missed any, please let us know.


  • Bill Carter
  • Fern Turkowitz
  • David Firestone
  • Joseph Berger
  • Lon Teter
  • Brian Knowlton
  • Floyd Norris
  • David Corcoran
  • Yasmin Namini
  • Christopher Phillips
  • Jack Lynch
  • Ed Wyatt
  • Ray Cormier
  • Barry Bearak
  • Ron Wertheimer
  • David DeWitt
  • Mainland
  • Haughney
  • Stuart Elliott
  • Carol Vogel
  • Maria Newman
  • Steven Greenhouse