More Notes From Miller

NYO’s Media Mob reports that Judy Miller has turned over additional notes to Patrick Fitzgerald‘s investigation:

“According to sources involved in the Judith Miller case, lawyers for Miller have turned over an additional, previously unreported batch of notes on the New York Times reporter’s conversations with I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby to prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald. The notes, a source said, could significantly change the time frame of Miller’s involvement with Libby.”

Could these undisclosed notes be one of the reasons for Miller’s long silence?

The Media Mob also reports that the Times may be delaying its efforts at transparency in telling the Miller saga. Funny how Time Magazine and other reporters involved in this saga didn’t run into any of these problems.

The more this drags along the more it looks like Judy Miller is anything but a bit player in this story….

> National Journal reports that Karl Rove personally assured the President that he was not the leak–a conversation that was directly contradicted by Matthew Cooper‘s testimony.