More Nightclubs Banning Photos Now (Thanks, Instagram)

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It’s been almost a year since we posted on a new trend in upscale restaurants “cracking down” on Instagrammers, and now nightclubs seem to want in on the photo-free act as well.

It’s easy to see why certain famous fans of dancing and drinking wouldn’t want random people to capture unflattering images of them covered in their own sweat and tequila, but last week The New York Times told us that this movement is really all about “silencing the P.R. machinery that hums through New York’s top clubs.”

Huh. You don’t say.

One particular Brooklyn club recently banned photos in order to “refocus attention, however compromised, on the music rather than selfie shot.”

Ah, so nightclubs are all about the music? That’s news to us.

The Times notes that similar bans on photography in European clubs aim to reinforce the appeal of “unchecked, all-hours hedonism”, so the idea is that the big names these owners want to visit their hotspots will be more likely to include certain Instagram-free spaces on their party itineraries.

One nightclub owner admits that these rules are basically impossible to enforce in a “negative social media culture where everyone is looking for the worst photo”, so we assume that the policies act more as a sort of thank you to the people who make these locations so desirable, like “come to our club and you’re less likely to show up on the gossip blogs next week.”

And then there’s the drug thing, because quite a few individuals are more than dumb enough to record themselves and/or others ingesting controlled substances…

We’ve never worked in nightlife promotion, so we would ask our readers to help us understand exactly how this game works. We assume this move concerns the A-to-C-lister’s ability to get a little crazy without Average Joe and his 352 Instagram followers watching, but what do we know?