More Neal Boulton. (Because one can never have too much Neal Boulton.)

More Neal Boulton!

sly.gifIn today’s issue of The Daily’s “Front Row,” Alex Marshall has a short “day in the life of” interview with Men’s Fitness EIC, Neal Boulton, who is also appropriately editing (consulting to? something?) SLY, the new Sylvester Stallone-branded magazine. (You can’t make this stuff up.) You may remember Neal from last week’s dustup with Roger Black. This week he’s at Stallone’s house, doing whatever one does at Stallone’s house. (“I wake up, thinking, holy shit, I’m crashed out on my buddy’s couch
again. Only this time, my buddy is Sly Stallone and I’m in Los Angeles. Wild.”) Wild, indeed.

In case you’re wondering about the editorial process at SLY:

Me:Let’s get Clinton hooked up with you for our first issue, dude.
Sly:That’s cool. Let’s do it. (He calls Clinton; Clinton agrees to do something for a future issue.)
Me:I want the writers and editors to give every word the Sly swagger. I don’t want this magazine sounding like Best Life.
Sly:Yes! Guys need something with more edge and bad-ass humor. I’m
not afraid to talk about anything I’ve done: Botox, Viagra, my preppy phase, my Balboa phase, shit…
Me:Brave. I like it.

Added bonus: there’s an actual Gordon Gekko reference in the interview.