More Money in Social Media?

Ok, so we know it’s not – and shouldn’t – be all about the money, but we found this story to be very interesting as generally everyone in the PR business rarely talks about their billing rates.

O’Dwyer’s reports that Chris Heuer, a founder of the Social Media Club has posted rates for AdHocnium, his new “ad-hoc” agency with a “handful of consultants like Silicon Valley Watcher blogger Tom Foremski and veteran tech PR pro Brian Solis.”

The rates are $1,500-$2,000 for a half day, per consultant and $3,000 for a full day, per consultant. Writes O’Dwyers, “At a large agency, that would translate to counsel at the senior level –general manager, managing director or even higher.”

PRNewser caught up with Brian Solis, as well as founder Chris Heuer to ask about the rationale behind deciding to post their rates, among other topics. “Thats simple. Honesty. Transparency. Philosophy,” said Heuer.

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Solis told PRNewser, “This doesn’t change anything with FutureWorks [his current agency]. I still run an agency, but am leaving options open to also bring me (and the team) into new and interesting opportunities that wouldn’t normally approach us, as a new media PR agency, directly. I do believe demand will continue to grow, but I’m getting the sense that bigger organizations are looking to specialists to train existing teams instead of usurping them.”

Expanding on this, Heuer explained to PRNewser, “Many people will have different rates, these initial rates are pretty standard, and quite honestly they are my rates personally, so we will be changing the way they are presented soon – and probably again after that.”

Said Heuer, “While I did lay out many social media related services as part of the initial offering, this is not a social media consultancy. Yes, we do communications. Yes, we do collaboration. But we use social media as a key lever for change and think about client’s business holistically. We won’t tell each of our clients to get a blog. We might talk about customer support programs, developer communities, radio, media creation, advertising, traditional PR and most especially, we will focus on how companies can improve their products and services by getting closer to the markets they serve.”