More Mel For Your Morning

For those of you who slept sound in your beds, as visions of “sugar tits” danced in your heads, here’s a morning cup o’Mel:

Nikki Finke reports that some Jewish leaders, including the Anti-Defamation League accepted Mel Gibson’s apology, while others are holding out to see a true change in deeds. Still a third has offered Gibson a starring role on the bimah for Yom Kippur Services next month.

In seeking the Jewish community’s thoughts on the matter, Finke made the mistake of asking more than one Jew. Expect more updates with more differing opinions as the week continues.

Ms. Finke was also asked to appear on camera for a Dateline piece on Mel’s crisis on Sunday. But she was kind enough to offer her punditry online so we don’t have to tune in.

Al Franken has a unique opinion on Mel (See? We told you): He thinks the gazillionaire actor should have to start all over again, suggesting a role as “Busboy #2 in a Matthew McConaughey comedy.” A kind of Karmic career reincarnation.