More #McFail: Managers Admit to Stealing Employee’s Money


They’re baaaaaaaaaack! 

Unfortunately for the Clown, McDonald’s just can’t stay out of the #PRFail spotlight.

When we last left this saga, McDonald’s was accused of kicking some old couple out on their keisters — canes, walkers, and all — for sitting too long. And as shameful as that was, there’s also the open case of slave labor under the veiled threat of deportation because that’s good for team morale.

Next up in the Clown’s PR issues, we have a story of former managers admitting they stole money from their miserly paid employees. This should be good. 

From the worker advocacy website Low Pay is Not OK, we have two managers who worked at McDonald’s a collective amount of 18 years both admitting they were asked — well actually, “forced” — to steal wages from employees.

Like, a mayonnaise gun to the head or threatening to force someone to bob for fries in the grease? That’s a strong word “forced.” Here are two quotes from the video below left for your amusement:

“I’ve had employees literally clock out to work because they were either going into overtime or labor was getting extremely high and we had to balance it,” said Kwanza Brooks, a McDonald’s manager for 10 years in multiple stores in North Carolina and Maryland. “I have witnessed deductions being done with employees whether it was uniform, a name tag, a meal, whether it was anything. They would deduct and they would take it out of your payroll.”

So, that’s a skosh illegal. Who’s next?

“My GM was sitting at the office desk and notified me and four other managers that there was a crew member that went over 40 hours,” recalls Lakia Williams, a six year veteran managing three different stores. “She was going to take the rest of those hours and put them on the following pay period. They weren’t the teenagers,” says Williams. “They were the 30-to-40-something mothers working multiple jobs at the time where they couldn’t get a full-time work status.”

And I believe that is called “highly immoral” in labor work force circles. Can the Clown goof up any more? Here’s the video. We post. You decide.