MORE LIVE COVERAGE Of Facebook's Livestream

Facebook's continuing to livestream long after President Barack Obama's official Town Hall has finished, and we are liveblogging all of the follow-up coverage. Keep hitting your refresh key to follow the real-time updates.

Facebook’s continuing to livestream long after President Barack Obama’s official Town Hall has finished, and we’ve got continued video footage below, followed by live commentary. Please share your reactions to this coverage in the comments section.

The company has two different panel discussions that are culling from the thousands of questions that the’s site’s members have submitted during the Town Hall; both fit the larger theme of helping to stimulate the economy.

The site’s communications team is handling things the way we’re accustomed to seeing televison broadcasters hold discussions after major political events. They have interviewed former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi about her opinions of the Town Hall — she added her own ten cents about Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg wearing a suit when she first met him.

A panel discussion on women in technology led by Valerie Jarret, senior advisor and assistant to the president for public engagement and intergovernmental affairs for the Obama administration, began around 3:30 p.m. A second one about fostering startups is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Both panels tie into the day’s theme of stimulating the economy.

The speakers on the women’s panel include Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and the company’s Director of Engineering Jocelyn Goldfein. Plus Theresia Gouw Ranzetta, a partner at Accel Partners is speaking, along with Jessica Herrin, chief executive officer of Stella and Do.

Jarrett says that while women account for half of the U.S. workforce, only one in four technology employees is female. Sandberg says only six percent of engineering managers are women. About 71 percent of daily active users on the site are women, and over 60 percent of the shares posted on the site are done by women.

Scott Case, chief executive officer of the Startup America Partnership, is leading the second panel, which begins with lengthy introductions, an announcement about the expansion of the number of companies participating in the initiative — Facebook is already a participant. Panel participants include Austan Goolsbee, chief economist for the White House’s economic recovery advisory board; Mike Schroepfer, vice president of engineering at Facebook; Lynn Jurich, president of SunRun; Raissa Nebie, chief executive officer and founder of Spoondate; and Adriana Neagu, chief executive officer of Formotus.