More Leaky Newsrooms…


    With the heavy rain of late, DCRTV hears about how some serious water got into the basement of Channel 4/WRC killing the power and the backup generator. The Nebraska Avenue NBC station was off the air for about 30 minutes Monday evening before, slowly, the power was restored. No newsroom computer system, no rundown for the 11 PM news, no prompters. Two out of three cameras power supplies were blown, the 11 PM newscast was started with one camera, that’s why there was lots of “zooming” going on. Jim Vance explained the situation at the top of the show, and eventually the weather camera came back. All of the cameras were OK as of the AM shows Tuesday, but the backup generator system is still down, awaiting parts…..

And we also hear that a slow ceiling leak became a big one during the storms in The Washington Examiner’s Virginia office and caused a couple of the ceiling tiles to disintegrate and fall onto the floor near the office door.