More LAT Layoffs, Bloodletting in OC this Time

@edpadgett or Ed Padgett’s Twitter feed really sums it up.

UPDATE and CORRECTION after the jump:

Ed sent us this note after we posted:

Good morning Tina,

Caught a slight error in your post regarding my Twitter feed, my last name was misspelled. Padgett would be correct, and thank you for the mention.

The layoffs will amount to eighty employees from the Operations Departments, 39 will be pressmen and women, with the others coming from the Machine Shop (7), Electronics (3), plate making, mailroom, and supervision. Will compile the numbers as the information flows in.

Not certain what all the fuss is about regarding the production of the Wall Street Journal, we produce 138,000 copies nightly, with five addition presses ready to produce the other LA Times sections.

Anyway as usual I’m on the run.