More Is More for Ultraspeedy, Full-Body Swimsuits

Last month, a whopping 18 world swimming records were bested. Coincidence or Speedo? Many are attributing the record rampage to the latter — that is, the new superengineered swimsuits that the sport’s world governing body recently affirmed are legal for competition. The full-body performance suits, developed and manufactured by such companies as Speedo and TYR (and yours for approximately $600), improve upon the flawed hydrodynamics of human skin with body-squeezing “laser panels” and water-repellant materials such as urethane. In yesterday’s design-themed episode of CBS Sunday Morning (video below), Daniel Sieberg highlighted some of the technological innovations that have allowed competitive swimmers to accelerate to new levels, but did he really need to open and close the segment from the pool? Judge for yourself: