More iPad Wi-Fi Workarounds

By far the most common problem with the iPad that I am seeing written about is with the Wi-Fi reception. The reports range from people not seeing the type of signal strength they expect on the iPad to others seeing frequently dropped connections. James Kendrick has written a blog post…

How To Minimize Wi-Fi Problems With The iPad

…in which he shares some things he has learned by trying to resolve problems that he has seen with Wi-Fi. First, James explains how changing the Wi-Fi security setting of his Sprint Overdrive from WEP to WPA2 eliminated the problem he was having with his iPad frequently losing connection with the Overdrive. If you have a Wi-Fi router that supports WPA2, but you are using WEP and are experiencing disconnections, you may want to switch it to WPA2. In fact, you ought to switch the setting to WPA2 anyway because it is more secure than WEP.

While James’ resolution to the connection problems with his Overdrive is straight forward, his next recommendation seems a bit bizare. The recommendation is to not hold the iPad on the sides with your hands. He bases his recommendation on the fact that in testing at his home he observes that the Wi-Fi signal strength increases by 50% by simply setting the iPad on his lap rather than holding it in both hands. James’ experience suggests that the Wi-Fi antenna is at the sides of the iPad and that by holding it by the sides he is harming the radio reception. If you are seeing low Wi-Fi signal strenth, set your iPad down to see if you get the same results as James.