More Info (and Photos!) on Koolhaas’ Prada Transformer


Heading back to a story from the other day about Rem Koolhaas‘ latest job with Prada, we turn to Sfilate, who not only has both more information on the building of the Prada Transformer, the ever-shifting building/art space, but a concept illustration and four drawings of the place from each perspective to boot. And after seeing them, we can safely tell you, dear readers, that Rem and Miuccia are getting ready to build a death ray. You can’t tell too much from the images, and they try and pass it off as a film projector in the illustration, but it’s clearly a death ray. A death ray in the shape of a tetrahedron and with very few walls that actually connect, as far as we can tell anyway. Still, even if the two of them do become our supreme leaders, holding the world hostage with this insidious device, at least it’s kind of cool looking. Here’s a bit:

The form of the Transformer is derived from a Tetrahedron and when rotated each side facilitates a different cultural program. Each of the four programs will function on unique steel framed shapes including a hexagon, a cross, a rectangle and a circle. Thus, over the course of the exposition, floors will become walls and walls will become ceiling.

Prada Transformer will be realized with the support of LG Electronics, Hyundai Motor Company and Red Resource