More “Hmm…Funny?” Than “Hmm…Funny!”

To end this day on a fun note, let’s play “Funny things we read in Ad Age.” First is an obvious one. This was from yesterday, in an article they had about an award-winning campaign by the UK-based firm, Cream, for their client, Whiskas, the cat food. You read the story and it sounds like there was a gigantic room for creatives, no one had any amazing ideas right off the bat, someone said something off the top of their head, and now they’re building new shelves to hold the awards. Is it silly and stupid? Yes. Are most successful campaigns? Dear lord, yes. So here’s the scoop:

Two teams of three cars were created. One car in each team had a giant bowl of Whiskas on the roof and the other two had a giant cat on the top. Painted pink, the cars raced around the capital, with the food car in front and the cat cars chasing. The stunt ran for two months and generated a positive response. People even called Masterfooods to congratulate them on the campaign. Quite rightly, MPG picked up a Gold Medal from the Chilean Association of Publicity and Advertising for this eye-catching media stunt.

So funny, yes. And cute, kinda. But let’s move on into something a little more strange, but something we also found this week. In their coverage of that story that was being circulated around a bunch about Lance Dutton, the freelance web designer/blogger who was complaining about the way the NY-based frim Warren Kremer Paino Advertising was handling Maine’s tourism site, which ultimately led to a cease-and-desist, followed by a lawsuit, ended in some bulletted “how to fight back against brand-hurting bloggers” advice from Steve Rubel, Senior VP at Edelman’s Me2Revolution. The last bullet point said, “Blog back, but only if you already have a blog.” What does this mean?! If you respond to defamation via blog, you’d better be established already or your opinions won’t be valid? We get the “blog back” part, sure, and we understand that long-standing track records do help a cause, but is that essential? We were just left a little confused, and, well, yeah, that’s the kind of lame stuff this writer likes catching and chuckling about. That explains the loneliness, probably.