More Hearst Rumblings: ‘Army of Permalancers’ At Risk

To follow up on our report of rumored layoffs at Good Housekeeping and widespread permalancer cuts at Hearst: A Hearst spokesperson emailed this afternoon, declining to comment on the specifics of our story, citing the company’s privately-held status:

“Like every smart company today, we’re shifting resources and adjusting staffing, without sacrificing quality. Unlike some of our competitors, we continue to seek acquisitions and introduce successful new products such as Food Network Magazine.”

Somewhat more illuminating was the input we got from a Hearst permalancer of nearly a year, saying they had indeed heard rumors that the “army of permalancers” who work at the Hearst Tower on West 57th Street would experience substantial cuts soon. According to the tipster, “[Hearst’s] new mantra is something like, ‘do the same, but with less.'” It’s hard not to wonder how Hearst will advance its acquisitions and “successful new products” while cutting personnel deemed essential by so many who produce its magazines, “especially in digital and research,” according to the tipster. “Because we are the workhorses of the company, I would say eliminating these positions will create production and work efficiency issues.”