More Gridiron Dinner Notes

From what we gather on Twitter, journos in attendance at last night’s white tie Gridiron dinner include: PBS’ Judy Woodruff and husband Bloomberg’s Al Hunt (who played the crashing Salahis in a skit), CBS’ Bob Schieffer, Slate and CBS’ John Dickerson, USA Today‘s Susan Page, Charlie Rose, Time‘s Karen Tumulty, ABC’s Sam Donaldson, CNN’s John King and Ed Henry, Helen Thomas and NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, among others.

A few stand-out one-liners…

Headliner Bill Clinton on health care reform: “It may not happen in my lifetime, or Dick Cheney’s, but hopefully by Easter.” On the President’s recent appearance on Fox News, Clinton: he’s keeping his word to meet with hostile leaders without preconditions. And more from Clinton: I created 23 million new jobs, I really regret that 22 million of them were right wing pundits.

Senators Orrin Hatch and Claire McCaskill represented the Republicans and Democrats, respectively. Sen. Hatch got a laugh when he accidentally referred to President Clinton and “Bill Nixon,” recovering, “Bill Nixon is one of my closest friends.”

And from McCaskill: in Washington, we know there’s a huge difference between a prostitute and a politician. There are somethings a prostitute won’t do.

Politico posted lyrics to the songs performed, which included “Not Born in the USA,” a take on Bruce Springsteen and a joke on President Obama.

He’s got a darn suspicious middle name

Americans don’t name their kids Hussein

He claims Hawaii but the hell I say

Hawaii isn’t even in the U.S.A.

Time‘s Jay Newton-Small seemed to live-tweet the otherwise off-the-record dinner. Others like NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Arianna Huffington waited…

@AriannaHuff: No twitting allowed during gridiron dinner but now I’m free to report that bill clinton stole the show!

@MitchellReports: Bill Clinton at Gridiron in vintage form, after all the jokes appeals to journos not to forget Haiti over next few yrs

Last night was also an anniversary for the Gridiron Club- it was the 125th dinner.

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