More Details On The New York Times’ Possible Midday Webcast

nyt_logo_3.8.10.jpgLast week, we mentioned that The New York Times is mulling over the possibility of launching a midday, TV-like video news report. Now more details are trickling out about what — or whom — we won’t be seeing as part of the proposed launch.

Many details surrounding the launch of the project, which may begin airing as soon as April, remain undetermined. A source at the paper says Jane Bornemeier, the NYT’s current senior editor in charge of producing TV and radio segments for, may not necessarily be deemed the best for the role, and that the powers that be at the publication may instead pick someone from the newsroom to take on the position.

Then, of course, there’s the question of whether or not people will watch an online video news program and, if so, how long they would be willing to watch for. Would video be too disruptive for those who access during their 9 to 5 jobs? How expensive would these segments be to produce?

The hope, of course, is that online news segments may eventually take the place of traditional television news broadcasts at a time when that industry is downsizing dramatically.