More Cuts At McClatchy

Poor McClatchy: the newspaper chain must still be hurting because this week three of its papers announced they’re cutting a total of about 70 jobs.

McClatchy announces fourth quarter results in one week.

The Sacramento Bee is cutting 32 jobs, of which 9 are newsroom positions; buyouts will be offered but if there aren’t enough takers, the paper will resort to layoffs. It is the sixth round of cuts at the Bee in three years.

At the Kansas City Star, the paper is cutting 20 jobs and eliminating 20 unfilled positions. Again, layoffs will follow voluntary buyouts. Last year alone, the Star had three rounds of layoffs.

And the Charlotte Observer is laying off 20 employees, including five in the newsroom, as well as implementing one week of furlough for the employees who remain.

As Romenesko noted, McClatchy’s paper in Lexington, Ky., the Herald Leader, announced six cuts and a week of furloughs last week, the third straight year in which furloughs have been implemented.

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