More Controls in Your Facebook Feeds & Our Best Stories of the Week

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are the most popular AppNewser headlines of the week.

They include an update to Facebook that might make your Newsfeed more tolerable, a great way to use mobile devices for ads, and an interactive Chrome Experiment that brings the joy of building Legos to all of our devices.

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New Facebook App Update Lets You Select Whose Posts You Want to See*

Study: Mobile Traffic Has Tripled Since Q4 2011

Happy Data Privacy Day! ‘The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto’ is Today’s Free eBook

The Most Exciting Use of Mobile for Advertising We’ve Ever Seen

Relive ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on Lewis Carroll’s Birthday

3D Printed Nail Art Takes Manicures to the Tech Level

Video Flashback: The Very First ‘Stevenote’ Where Jobs Introduced the Macintosh

Chrome Experiment Brings Interactive Legos to Tablet and Smartphone Browsers

Google Introduces Prescription Lenses for Google Glass

3 Throwback Paper Football Apps for Super Bowl Week


* Facebook also released a new app just for newsfeed. See our story here.