More Congressional #PRFail: WIC Expands $2 Per Month

wicJust when you didn’t think it could get any worse, our elected officials sitting on their blessed assurance at Capitol Hill do the unthinkable. This time, they screw impoverished children and infants. After three decades, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) is finally investigating the handouts it provides.

After strong consideration, a policy has been enacted to increase the allowance for each child’s fresh produce by 30 percent. Before you applaud, Reuters did the math and shares this percentage turns out to be a paltry and shameful $2 each month.

Do you realize what that means for the nearly nine million unfortunate children living in poverty today? A pound of apples. One bag of frozen peas. Half a cantaloupe. And just maybe enough change to get one banana. From the Reuters story:

In its final form, the overhaul will boost by 30 percent, or $2 per month, the allowance for each child’s fruit and vegetable purchases, and permit fresh produce in lieu of jarred infant food for babies, if their parents prefer.

The update also expands whole grain options available to recipients and allows yogurt as a partial milk substitute, adding to the soy-based beverages and tofu that were previously included.

Moreover, states and local WIC agencies will be given more flexibility in selecting foods to meet the nutritional and cultural needs of their beneficiaries.

WIC already helps with milk (going up to $7 a gallon), cheese (going up too), cereals (a bag of air with some Fruity Pebbles in it), bread (if it’s not on the about-to-go-stale-shelf) and infant formula (already so expensive people consider stealing it). And now, the good ol’ U.S. government has determined it will help with fruit and veggies.


Would now be a good time to remind you that election day is tomorrow? Damn.