More Cleverer Than We’ll Ever Be (even with funny titles like this)

Back when the internet was first starting to get to be something that people didn’t giggle at when you told them you spent time with it, this writer got really into McSweeney’s. There had always been a love of reading and writing in there somewhere, but it was running into this group that made things seem more fun, more possible, and it lead him to be the writer he is today (so now you know who to address your angry letters to). It’s groups like ATYPYK that make him appreciate and really enjoy now being surrounded by designers on a regular basis. Their work is well crafted, sure, but it’s that step beyond, that super clever “Damn, I hate them for thinking of that!” ideas that make everything about the design world make joyful sense. Spend some time on their site and browse around. We openly defy you not to enjoy yourself. Go!