More CBS News Layoffs Reportedly Coming This Fall

In a another move to cut staff, the Daily Beast reports that CBS News plans a round of layoffs this fall.
“Layoffs and cutbacks, the most recent in February, have trimmed the division close to the bone, and according to senior staffers, another round is coming this fall,” wrote Daily Beast reporter Rebecca Dana. “The network’s two premier daily broadcasts, Couric’s Evening News and the CBS Early Show, are recording particularly dismal ratings this summer.”

There were no specifics, beyond the blanket statement. But if true, it would be the second time this year that the television station cut staff. In February, CBS News cut 100 of its approximately 1,400 person staff.

A CBS News spokesman wouldn’t confirm the news.

“Our audiences number in the tens of millions every week,” said a CBS News spokesman in response to many of Dana’s inquiries regarding the current work environment at the television network. “Those are the facts. Anything else is water cooler gossip and empty speculation. We are evolving and we are thriving.”