More Brian Wilson Notes

  • Founding Fox News staffer Bruce Becker was promoted to the new position of business news VP in Washington. Mr. Becker has been interim bureau chief since the exit of Kim Hume at the end of November 2006.”

  • No, not that Brian Wilson. And he’s not a song.

  • One tipster writes in with this theory:

      I like wilson, hes a good guy, but the true leadership that people are now eager to hear about is who will be named deputy bureau chief. many people expect that to be the person who truly RUNS the bureau. And smart money is on Catherine Loper, a senior producer who is incomparebly talented, and who has the knowledge on day to day operations and the collective respect of the bureau.

  • Another tipster thinks that Wilson looks like Stephen Colbert:



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  • UPDATE: A tipster writes in, “Poor Laurie Luhn!”