More Brands Using Instagram Messaging for Promos

Back when Instagram‘s direct messaging feature launched in December, we wondered how brands might use it before GAP swooped in to provide us with the first example.

This week Aquafina showed us another way by using DM to message fans and spread awareness of its new “Flavor Splash” product with the help of a celebrity partner.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.37.20 PM

Is this a trend in the making, or what?

In case you’re not 13 years old, Austin Mahone is a rising pop star who won MTV‘s “artist to watch” award at the most recent VMAs. He also happens to be the “Digital and Brand Strategist” for Aquafina Flavor Splash, which in this case means loaning his image to the brand’s Instagram account so it could reach out directly to fans who weren’t able to attend his show at parent brand Pepsi’s Super Bowl kick-off event.

Why do we mention this particular campaign? Because many, many “how to use Instagram DM for PR/marketing” blog posts appeared over the last two months, yet GAP and the Kardashian family (eww) have provided us with the only prominent real-world examples so far.

Have we noticed other brands successfully using DM as a promo tool? (And shouldn’t that be “Kardashian Kollection?”)

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