More Brands That Jumped on the Avatar Bandwagon (or Should Have)

Yesterday we posted on Bud Light‘s well-timed decision to offer Facebook fans its own variation on the very viral Human Rights Campaign marriage equality avatar. Now we’d like to showcase some other examples of brands that were, if not quite “bold”, at least attuned to news trends — and the interests of their target audiences. Here are some more branded variations on the avatar:

Equal artificial sweetener: We can’t confirm that the brand itself created this one, but if they didn’t then they certainly missed out on a great opportunity.

Martha Stewart Living: Somebody really killed with this one.

HBO‘s True Blood: Perfect.

Bonobos: Touche, sirs.

LEGO: This one comes courtesy of a LEGO-centric site called The Brothers Brick and flickr user fallentomato. Again, it wasn’t an official brand statement — but it really should have been!

Smirnoff: the branding is a little more blatant here, but the team didn’t stick with the equal sign theme! Come on!

Here’s one more courtesy of Twitter user Sriracha Sue. Once again the brand that makes this stuff didn’t create the image, but we feel like everyone who loves sriracha should have run with it. Where are you, Lay’s potato chips?

To be honest, we’re a little surprised that more brands didn’t create their own variations on the avatar.

What will these pictures accomplish? We don’t know. But it’s nice to see some social teams and graphic designers having fun.