More About That Logo (yes, that one)

I don’t think I could possibly close out the week without mentioning my logo-crush of the week, the Bahamas logo, done by Duffy & Partners. Yesterday, Eliot sent me this link to a good analysis of the entire program that Duffy put together, done by LogoLounge.

I’m also excited to report that Joe Duffy, his own self, has agreed to be my inaugural interview subject.

The interview will be a weekly feature, and I’m hoping that I’ll have my schedule together enough, on an ongoing basis, to ask you, fair readers, what burning questions you have for the person I’m interviewing. Keep in mind that although I am seriously in love with all things design, the interviews themselves are going to have an informal (and at times irreverent) tone.

There’s tons of analysis out there about design, branding, etc. I’m more interested in finding out about where these people find their inspiration, what bugs (or delights) them about design they see day to day, and what tools they consider indispensible. You get the idea. If you have questions in that vein for Joe Duffy, by all means email them to jen AT unbeige DOT com.