More About Jack Nicholson’s Hillary Clinton Campaign Ad

krokidas_cohen.jpg Towelroad has an interview with John Krokidas, one of the Hollywood vets who put that lovely viral video together.

Thankfully, they asked the one question we had about it, namely:

Was Jack Nicholson involved in its creation? What kind of input did he have?

Bruce (Cohen, producer) asked his good friend Chad Griffin, who is Rob Reiner’s political consultant to read the script and show it to Rob, and thankfully, they both loved it. So Bruce and I spent an afternoon cutting the piece together, then showed it to Rob, who had some great notes, then Rob got it to Jack and Jack agreed to participate. All we needed was the final shot in which Jack addresses the camera. So, I suddenly found myself driving up to Jack Nicholson’s beautiful mountainside house with just a video camera and a crew of two friends, getting a chance to direct one of Hollywood’s greatest legends (even if it were just for one line). As we left, he told us to “keep up the good work.” It was inspiring and refreshing to see how committed and passionate Jack is to his political beliefs.