MoPub’s Payne on Mobile Ads: Banners Are Out, Interstitials Are In

The last generation of mobile advertising companies like AdMob and Quattro (now Apple’s iAd) is starting to give way new crop of startups, fueled by departing employees from the last wave of acquisitions.

We sat down with Jim Payne of MoPub, the first of several forthcoming mobile startups from the AdMob diaspora. Backed with seed funding from Accel Partners and Harrison Metal Capital, it’s building a platform that will let developers serve the most lucrative ads from multiple networks like iAd and Google AdSense.

However, unlike earlier mediation companies such as AdWhirl, developers won’t need to integrate SDKs from every single ad network. MoPub also has extra bells and whistles that will let developers control the frequency of ads or handle geo-targeting.

Recognizing the big trend that developers are moving away from paid downloads to free-to-play, MoPub is building an in-app payments that will let developers advertise their virtual goods at the most optimal points in a game. Publishers will be able to target promotions to players based on how active they are or whether they have bought items in the past.

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