Mopapp measures app value with all-in-one dashboard

London-based startup Mopapp is looking to make its mark in the competitive mobile analytics space by providing developers with a single dashboard that tracks downloads, reviews, revenues and advertising performance.

Unlike other analytics providers such as Flurry, Apsalar or Kontagent, developers using Mopapp do not need to install an SDK in their apps. The service, which bills itself as a partner, rather than a direct competitor to other analytics companies is a “one-stop shop” for tracking any and every way an app can generate revenue and downloads, according to CEO Alessandro Rizzoli.

To do this, Mopapp pulls data directly from official app stores like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, the Windows Marketplace and BlackBerry App World, as wells as independent stores like GetJar, Handango and MobiHand. It also taps directly into advertising data from InMobi and AdMob (with more ad networks currently in the works), and displays aggregated analytics data from Flurry directly in a user’s dashboard. It also offers custom APIs for apps that monetize through the sales of physical goods.

Rizzoli explains that by pulling together data from a variety of sources, Mopapp customers are able to track performance in a unified, real-time dashboard and then compare how their app is doing to other apps in the same category.

It’s similar to Flurry’s new Ad Analytics service, which allows developers to see and compare the effectiveness of ad campaigns across multiple networks, but according to Rizzoli, Mopapp’s service covers all aspects of the sales funnel. This he argues, provides a better picture of what an app’s true value is.

“Today, no one can really accurately measure the value of your digital assets — what is the value of an app? Is it downloads? Revenues? A mix? Is it the number of reviews? There are many things you have to take into consideration to build an effective value indicator,” he explains.

Small independent developers can use a basic version of the service for free, and enterprise customers, which are Mopapp’s target market, receive custom setups, have more robust reporting tools and market tracking capabilities. For developers between the two extremes, Mopapp also offers a $9-a-month plan that balances affordability with more advanced analytics.

Mopapp came out of its private beta in May and is currently working with more than 40,000 apps. Rizzoli tells us the company is already tracking two billion data points across half a billion unique devices.

Originally backed by Seedcamp, a European fund for internet technology companies, Mopapp received an additional €1.5 million seed investment from CRIF Worldwide in February.