Mooninite Leader Revealed Plans to Communicate in “Unique Ways” Before Aqua Teen Hunger Farce


In January Steven Heller just happened to conduct an interview with the guy who was planning the botched Lite Brite invasion of Boston. A quote from Sam Travis Ewen, founder of Interference (indeed), and the entire topic of guerilla advertising tactics has a whole new perspective post-Boston:

Ironically, Ewen’s son, Sam Travis Ewen, is the founder and CEO of Interference, Inc., a firm specializing in alternative marketing (and responsible for the guerrilla fiasco in Boston, where police arrested two artists for posting electronic contraptions advertising a Turner Network cartoon). “Guerrilla figures out how to bring a message, demonstration, conversation, or icon to the public in unique ways,” he says. “When [it is] cleverly executed, the target consumer is not only interested in it but doesn’t feel ‘marketed to,’ and often seeks it out.”

When especially cleverly executed, however, the police also become interested, feeling they, too, are not being marketed to. But they call the bomb squad to seek it out.