Moodagent for iPhone: Tuneable Song Playlist Maker – Doesn’t Work with WiFi Connection


I received a press release for an interesting sounding iPhone app…

Moodagent – Automatic Playlist DJ 1.0

It is currently free (“limited time offer”). So, I downloaded it to take a look. The app provides five adjustable mood settings to help create a song playlist that fits the combined settings. The app’s description page says it can create a 25-song playlist in less than 5 seconds. Note, however, that it takes a long time to index your songs the first time it is run. It seemed to take long enough for my iPhone 3G screen to time out and go blank the first time I ran it. Then, I ran into another problem: It does not work with just a WiFi connection. It seems to require a 3G connection. As you can see in my screenshot, AT&T still doesn’t provide service inside of my walls (5 feet outside it is kind-of-soft-of better). So, I didn’t have any kind of AT&T provided wireless data available to test with and didn’t feel like walking outside just to test this app. I also installed it on 1st generation iPod touch and ran into the same problem.

The app seemed to proceed after acknowledging the lack of a 3G internet connection (even though my WiFi connection was good enough for email, web browsing and other online activities). But, the play lists based on a couple of different settings left me unimpressed.

This app doesn’t look like a keeper to me.

CORRECTION: A tweet from @r_sorensen let me know that: It’s not that it doesn’t work with WiFi, but because of a heavy load on our Moodagent servers. We’re upscaling to meet demand

Will give it a second try a week or two from now…