MoodAgent for Android: Free App to Create Dynamic Song Playlists Using Mood Sliders

MoodAgent is one of those iPhone apps that grew on my slowly. In fact, my first test run with it on an iPhone 3G was so slow and crash prone that I gave up on it. However, I tried an updated version later and found it stable and interesting. MoodAgent provides 5 on-screen sliders representing 5 moods: Sensual, Tender, Happy, Angry, and Tempo. Adjusting the controls for each of the mood sliders produces different song playlists. These playlists tend to be different from Apple’s iTunes Genius Mixes. It is also dynmaically adjustable on the iPhone.
Android smartphone users can enjoy this mood-based song playlist generator too. The price? Free.
Hello Android – Welcome to the family
You can check into MoodAgent for Android in the Android Market. Full disclosure: I haven’t tried the Android version of MoodAgent myself. I find the iPhone to be a better media player than Android.