Monster Legacy: Complete quests and save the world on iOS


Social and mobile game developer Outplay Entertainment has announced the launch of Monster Legacy on iOS. The monster collection and battle game challenges players to explore dungeons, solve puzzles and more while capturing over 100 unique monsters in the fictional world of Arborea.

The game’s once peaceful setting has been taken over by darkness, led by the Evil Lord Ardur. As a monster keeper, players will collect the wild monsters throughout Arborea, creating an army of monsters to defeat the villain and save the land. There are over 70 quests to complete at launch, with small groups of quests being available in each in-game location (like a town or forest).

Players can explore environments at their leisure, talking to multiple NPCs and finding wild monsters inside breakable pots or patches of tall grass. Like a classic game of Pokemon, all monsters have elemental affiliations, strengths and weaknesses, giving players a chance to strategize each battle. When wild monsters are weak enough, players can spend coins or premium gems to capture them. When using coins, the chance of capture depends on the number of coins spent.

Monsters earn experience points when used in combat, earning increased attack and defense stats, and will eventually evolve into stronger creatures.

Outside of battle, players are given their own ranch, which introduces light city-building to the experience. When monsters are on the ranch, their health regenerates over time. Players can build various structures on the ranch, like a workshop for creating monster traps.

“We’re very pleased to offer a mobile game that is uniquely fun, with long-term playability,” said Richard Hare, co-founder of Outplay Entertainment. “What makes Monster Legacy standout from other games in the genre is the quality of the art style and focus on gameplay longevity, uncommon for most mobile games. Outplay continues to deliver top-notch mobile game experiences on a non-intrusive, free-to-play business model and Monster Legacy is a fantastic example of the type of high-quality fun experience gamers can expect.”

Monster Legacy is now available to download for free on iOS, and is currently featured as an Editor’s Choice app on the App Store. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.