And Mario Batali Cook Up A New Yummy Job

Another day, yet another job “contest” where the winner gets to hang out with a celebrity. (See previous examples here, here, even here).

The latest? Celebrity chef Mario Batali. He’s seeking a media production coordinator, which means you’ll be involved in:

* Preparation for shoots (research contacts, costs, restrictions, and location permits)
* Assist in various aspects of video production
* Update and manage video archival system
* Onsite assistance at all shoots
* Research, compile and present all preparation for upcoming shoots
* Coordinate with food stylists for setup and production
* Format recipes for final presentation
* Coordinate site visits and host guests as necessary
* Research print and online media for future needs

And more.

Unlike previous celebrity job search contests, you do not need to create a video or anything. Just apply at and pray they pick you.

In addition to being an amazing chef, we hear Batali’s a fun guy to hang out with (here’s a story about his early days). Good luck.