Monopoly Bends to the Will of ‘Cat People’

Fellow cat people and farm girls, rejoice! Hasbro’s month-long “Save Your Tokencontest concluded at midnight last night and it’s official: Monopoly will replace the classic iron with a new token of the feline variety.

While we’re sorry to see the iron go, we’re more than a little relieved to know that our favorite token is safe – well done, #TeamWheelbarrow! May you continue to transport your dreams of financial conquest across the board via manual labor for decades to come.

For those of you who weren’t following this bit of interactive marketing genius, beginning in early January, Monopoly fans could vote to save their favorite token (and nominate a replacement for whichever classic playing piece would be retired) by visiting Monopoly’s Facebook page. According to vice president of marketing for Hasbro Jonathan Berkowitz, fans from 120 countries, including Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan, Guam and Liechtenstein, voiced their preferences. Even businesses got involved; Zappos created campaigns for the shoe, while Ames True Temper made a series of videos to help save the wheelbarrow (yes!).

If you’re a Monopoly purist who’s not terribly excited about the prospect of change (or if the new piece you voted for didn’t make the cut), then fret not–Hasbro will release an exclusive version of the game along with all the old token pieces and all of the new candidates on February 15. The new version (sans iron, plus cat) will hit shelves in the fall.

They’ve got their fans covered on all sides – like we said, marketing genius!

As for future changes, Berkowitz said, “We’re going to keep listening to our fans…We’re going to make sure we keep Monopoly current and exciting, as we’re doing with the token vote.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, my living, breathing feline companion has been bashing her face into my computer screen in what I choose to believe is celebration, and so I shall go and join her (in the celebrating, not the face bashing). What about you, readers? Excited about the changes or disappointed the robot didn’t make the cut?