Monitor Your Pinterest Account on Cyfe

If you’ve been using Pinterest to connect with your audience, here’s a way to keep track of all your activity on the site. Cyfe, the all-in-one business dashboard that organizes every social network you use for your job on one screen, now connects to Pinterest.

Launched in January, the service also monitors your Twitter, Facebook, Google, Salesforce, MailChimp, Amazon, and Zendesk accounts, loading them onto one screen for easy viewing.  The dashboard allows you to see when you have new messages or other activity without having to leave a bunch of browser windows open. The company has added Pinterest to the list in response to customer feedback.

Wrote the Cyfe team in an email to its current customers:

This widget will allow you to track your Pinterest metrics (e.g. boards, pins, likes, followers, following) right from within your dashboards.

This is one of over 20 updates we’ve released just within the last 30 days. Other updates include a new Twitter Search widget, larger Twitter feeds (up to 100 tweets), user account management, multi-sheet Google Spreadsheets, improved chart performance, and so much more. All possible because of your continued feedback and support!

The email also included instructions for adding Pinterest to your dashboard:

You can add the Pinterest widget to your dashboard simply by logging into Cyfe, clicking on the “Add Widget” button and navigating to the “Social Media” category on the subsequent screen.

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Image by Evgeniya Uvarova via Shutterstock.

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