Monitor Your Kids Social Networking Activities in Imbee

imbee-logo-260-home.jpgRealizing the potential danger of the open web, more specifically social networks, is the main reason why a social network exclusively for kids called Imbee was created. Imbee is like your usual social networking site in terms of features, look, and socializing aspects. But unlike other social networks which anyone can join even kids who are smart enough to change their year of birth when registering, kids could not register with Imbee all by themselves.

Imbee requires parents’ intervention when accepting new members. More specifically parents need to register their own account first before their children can get into the Imbee network. Parents and children’s accounts are linked together, so much so that kids will need their parents to authorize them before their account can be used. Now that’s what I call full internet security. Now for parents, if you don’t mind giving out your credit card number to a non-merchant organization such as, then you wouldn’t have a problem creating an Imbee account for yourself and allowing your kids to create their Imbee account as well. Imbee will use your credit card number to verify information about you.

So, what’s in Imbee for kids? Specifically Imbee lets members (called Imbians) to:

  • create and share trading cards
  • listen and look in Imbee’s media center
  • share opinions on anything by grooving
  • choose an avatar
  • create and join groups
  • create a community or circle of friends
  • get into blogging (and read other’s blogs as well)
  • earn Imbee points

And what’s in Imbee for parents? Peace of mind, as the Imbee network lets them monitor their children’s social networking activities.

The question is, would you let your kids get into the Imbee network? Personally, as a parent I wouldn’t mind my kids to become a member of Imbee. The security is definitely better than other social networks. But problem is, would my kids let me monitor their social networking activities?