How Much Money Do The Top Grossing YouTube Partners Make?

It has been common knowledge for some time that it is possible to make money on YouTube, and that some of the top YouTube Partners were even earning their entire living off the video site. However, nobody knew for sure how much money the top YouTube Partners were making, until now. New statistics released by TubeMogul list the estimated top ten highest grossing YouTube stars, all making more than $100,000 per year.

Update: Billions of views equal millions of dollars for some of YouTube’s top partners.

How did TubeMogul get their statistics? According to Business Insider, TubeMogul estimated revenue from banner ads alone. TubeMogul took into account the facts that banner ads have a two-second load delay and that, based on previous research, 2.59% of users click away before the ad has a chance to load, banner ad CPM is $1.50, and YouTube splits all ad revenue with partners, 50-50. Therefore, they got their figures by taking all the partners views from the last year, getting rid of 2.59% of those views, dividing that number by 1,000, multiplying by $1.50 and then dividing that number in half. Based on TubeMogul’s estimate, here are the top 10 highest grossing YouTubers, all making over $100,000 per year.

1. Shane Dawson – $315,000

Shane Dawson is the highest grossing YouTube star, making an estimated $315,000 per year in advertising revenue. Shane is 22 years old and hails from California. With over 1.8 subscribers and over 361.5 million upload views, I’d say he’s earned himself the title of the highest grossing YouTuber.

2. The Annoying Orange – $288,000

The second highest grossing YouTube Partner is none other than The Annoying Orange. If you aren’t familiar with the Annoying Orange, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a talking orange that is really, truly annoying, in every sense of the word. Created by Dane Boedigheimer, the Annoying Orange has over 1.1 million subscribers and 236.3 million upload views.

3. Phillip DeFranco – $181,000

Philip DeFranco, also known as SxePhil, is not only the third highest grossing YouTube Partner, but was also voted the World’s Sexiest Geek by readers (maybe it has something to do with his original YouTube name being SxePhil?). In his video blogs he usually talks about politics and gossip. Across both of his YouTube channels he’s got over 342 million upload views and 1.6 million subscribers.

4. Ryan Higa – $151,000

Ryan Higa, also known as Nigahiga, is not only the fourth highest grossing YouTuber, but also has the number one most-subscribed to channel on YouTube, with 2.6 million subscribers. His videos are mostly funny music videos, parodies and sketch comedy, in which he usually plays a variety of different characters.

5. Fred – $146,000

Fred just may be more annoying than the Annoying Orange, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming the second most-subscribed YouTuber of all time with 1.9 million subscribers. The character Fred, created by Lucas Cruikshank, is a 6-year old boy. In addition to his YouTube revenue, Fred also has a Nickelodeon movie coming out.

6. Shay Carl – $140,000

Shay Carl is a father of three from Idaho. He used to be a radio DJ until he started to broadcast videos of his comedy routines on YouTube and his online vlogging career took off. He has millions of views and subscribers across three separate YouTube channels.

7. Mediocre Films – $116,000

Mediocre Films is a comedy channel, started by Greg Benson back in 2006. According to The Independent, “Benson dismissed the findings of the survey as wrong, insisting he should not be in the Top 10.” However he remains on TubeMogul’s estimate list.

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