Money Makes Us Feel Better

images-68.jpgAmong the stories that would have sounded ridiculous had those snakes blew up planes today: Sony made a lot of money this week.

Sony Pictures Entertainment hit $1 billion in domestic boxoffice Tuesday, becoming the first studio to do so this year. But the Walt Disney Studio’s Buena Vista distribution arm was nipping at its heels and was expected to reach the important milestone Wednesday. Only $2.6 million separated the top two studios when Tuesday’s boxoffice receipts were totaled, with Sony ending the day with a little more than $1.002 billion in its till and Buena Vista nudging the billion-dollar mark with $999.9 million.”

The reason for the success? Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

Take that, terrorists. You can ground incoming planes and make us dump out our shampoo, but you’ll never take away our thick crop of man-children able to make obscene amounts of money with little more than funny accents and fart jokes.