Money Honey does Face Time at BusinessWeek

Maria  Bartiromo.jpgWhat’s happening on Wall Street? What’s happening at the Stock Exchange? I wanna kno-ow! Now, thanks to BusinessWeek, CNBC Money Honey Maria Bartiromo will tell us on a bi-weekly basis in her new column in the magazine and at (first one is here, with former AIG chairman and CEO Hank Greenberg). The column is called “Face Time with Maria Bartiromo,” because oy, look at that punum. We saw her at a breakfast sponsored by The Week magazine a few months back and she’s objectively still adorable. My ex-boyfriend Morty used to love her (not Zuckerman).

You know who else used to love her? Joey Ramone. I can’t hear her name without hearing him singing in my head. Rock out a bit by clicking on the link below; actually, either of the links below.

Yes, I really did date a guy named Morty. Who reads Fishbowl. Hi Mort! (not Zuckerman.)

Face Time with Maria Bartiromo [BusinessWeek]
Maria Bartiromo [Joey Ramone]