Monetary Items to Consider Before You Resign

money bagsIf you recently resigned or you’re about to, let’s not forget one important factor: Money!

According to a post on LinkedIn, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your company has “rules and regulations regarding salary, bonus pay, health insurance, PTO (vacation and sick leave), expense reimbursement, and the handling of retirement accounts upon an employee’s termination (whether voluntary or involuntary).”

Get familiar with the rules and if you’re unsure, speak with human resources. Here’s the thing — your 401(k) may have an employer match. Let’s say you resign on September 1, what if the match occurs September 30? Will it be worth leaving one month earlier than your employer kicking in its portion to you? Just some food for thought.

In addition, the piece points out that federal, state and local laws may be applicable when your employment ceases. Per the post, Liane Fisher, a leading national employment attorney and founding partner at Serrins Fisher LLP, explains, “Don’t confuse employer policies with employment laws. An employee handbook alone generally does not create any legal rights.”