MondoWindow App Lets You Go Sightseeing In-Flight

Next time you are 30,000 miles up in the sky, instead of playing Angry Birds or watching the in-flight movie, check out this app that lets you see what you are flying over.

MondoWindow lets you track  your flight and see the terrain beneath the plane in real time. The MondoWindow map uses Bing aerial shots with links to Flickr pages and Wikipedia articles about some of the places that you are flying over. For example, if you fly on a Virgin America flight from San Diego to San Francisco, you’ll fly over The Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk. The app features details about the boardwalk and photos that people have shared from the destination. The app also includes information and deals for your destination.

Wi-Fi is required for this app to work, but most flights these days have Wi-Fi available.

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