Mondelez Taps QuizUp to Mobilize On-Pack Codes

Teams up with One Direction for second year

For years, packaged-goods brands have relied on marketing tactics that ask consumers to cut out the codes found on packages to drive sales. In exchange for mailing in these codes, shoppers typically get coupons or rewards weeks later, but a new program with Mondelez International and mobile app QuizUp aims to speed up the coupon-redemption process by going digital.

This is the second year that the snack company has partnered with British boy brand One Direction—which has a seemingly endless fan base known as "Directioners"—to help scale the program across five brands. Last year’s effort centered around an augmented reality app that turned logos into video content. 

Through Oct. 31, calls-to-action on Chips Ahoy, Oreo, Ritz, Cheese Nips and Honey Maid packages encourage consumers to download the QuizUp mobile game. Users can then type in the codes that are printed on packages to unlock additional game points. Additionally, Mondelez’s logos are splashed into the background of One Direction-themed content—or quizzes—within the app.

"Following the success of 2013, the makers of Oreo, Ritz and Trident wanted to up the game and partner with one of the fastest growing games on mobile," said Stephen Chriss, Mondelez’s senior director of U.S. media and consumer engagement. "We were already aware that One Direction was a hot topic with the QuizUp community, so we were able to use this insight and help build an execution that allows fans to engage with both One Direction and our brands, ultimately driving fans in-store."

Messaging apps grow

One Direction has also used messaging apps in the past for marketing.

Last year, the group and label Sony Music ran a campaign within Kik to launch a new album. 

QuizUp claims to have 24 million users—up from 16 million in April—since launching last year.

The app is also steadily rolling out new ad products for brands including Google Maps, HBO and Coca-Cola.

While Mondelez’s QuizUp partnership is linked to incentives, custom content is also a big priority. As part of its World Cup sponsorship this summer, Coke launched a new branded content section of the app.

"We are still in the experimental phase in rolling out any advertising package that we are actively selling," explained Thor Fridriksson, CEO of QuizUp. "Mixing up physical good marketing with a digital product is something that we are experimenting with."