Monday Numbers

A quick look at the numbers that defined last week:

33.3 million – the number of people who watched the State of the Union last Tuesday.

2000 -the last year viewership for the event was that low.

~169 million – number of people expected to have watched the Super Bowl last night.

2011 – the first year a hashtag, #Progressls, was used in a Super Bowl commercial. The company was Audi, and they were the only company to do so that year.

49 – the number of commercials that featured hashtags during last night’s game.

24 to 21 – Barack Obama’s prediction for the final score of Super Bowl XLVIII, made during an interview with Bill O’Reilly before the game. He didn’t say who he thought would win.

43 to 8 – the actual score. Seahawks won.

0 – the number of points scored by the Denver Broncos in the first half.

812 – the number of people (as of 12:30 AM Monday) who have liked the “Boycott Coca-Cola” Facebook page, a reaction against Coke’s “American the Beautiful” Super Bowl ad.

1.25 billion – the number of chicken wings consumed by Americans last night.

3 – number of times Eric Cantor said Obamacare was “on borrowed time” on “Face the Nation” yesterday.

3 – the number of weeks “Face the Nation” rated as the top Sunday public affairs show last month.

2 – the number of Chris Christie aides to leave the governor’s office this year. The latest was Christina Renna, who claims her departure has nothing to do with a recent Bridgegate subpoena.

1991 – the year Philip Seymour Hoffman appeared in a cameo on “Law and Order.” It was his first major on-screen credit.