Monday Numbers

A quick look at the numbers that are driving the conversation this week:

83.1% – turnout of Crimeans who voted in Sunday’s referendum on whether to become part of Russia

96.77% – percentage who voted in favor of joining Russia

~15% – percent of the Crimean population who are Muslim Tatars. Tatar leaders called for a boycott of the referendum

11 – number of Ukrainian and Russian officials to have sanctions placed upon them by the United States today for their role in undermining Ukrainian democracy

21 – number of officials sanctioned by the E.U

1st – the Power Ranking of Muriel Bowser in the DC mayor’s race, according to WCP‘s Loose Lips. Thommy Wells is in 2nd, and Mayor Gray is 3rd.

1 – number of snowplows driving the wrong way on snowy roads in Arlington this morning.

1.5 million – number of cars and SUVS recalled by GM today due to faulty airbags and brakes

31 – number of days since the last GM recall

12 to 303 number of deaths associated with defective GM vehicles so far