Monday Morning Meta Media Mashup


A weekly meta-roundup of our favorite (mostly) New York media pundits, what they’re saying, why they’re saying it, and an all-important grade, subjective and arbitrary — just like their columns!

  • Say Hello To Alpha Kitty” | Jon Fine, BusinessWeek

    When you are paid to write a media column, an ex-teen magazine editor who keeps a MySpace page, calls herself “Big Momma” and peppers her interview responses with things like “I want to gather my tribe” is the equivalent of media columnist gold. So, Fine took a peek into Atoosa Rubenstein‘s brave new world, and here’s what he found: “Her first offering may be what she terms her ‘art project,’ Psychic Kitty, a series of psychedelicized videos on her MySpace page. They will star her cat Thurston spouting, in Rubenstein’s electronically processed voice, brief inspirational tidbits.” Oh, it’s times like these when media columns write themselves. GRADE: A-

  • Radar’s Bercovici breaks news — not gossip” | Jon Friedman, Marketwatch

    Freidman pens his own meta media mashup of sorts with a long ode to star media reporter, Radar‘s Jeff Bercovici: “Radar Online reporter Jeff Bercovici is a scoopmeister. In the highly competitive New York journalism scene, gossip and news can seem practically interchangeable. What separates Bercovici from much of his competition is his devotion to reporting news, not merely recycling the latest bit of celebrity gossip.” Always a little awkward when a media columnist writes a column about another media columnist — we wouldn’t know anything about that, of course. GRADE: B-

  • Who’s Next to Die Online for Times Digital? Jimmy Carter, Mike Wallace — and Bill Clinton?” | Michael Calderone, New York Observer

    So, who does the New York Times want to interview on video before they die? That’s what the Observer‘s Calderone tried to find out last week after the Times‘ Web site rolled out video obits — Art Buchwald being the first — and got, not surprisingly, guarded and/or vague anwers from the Times. Mike Wallace and Jimmy Carter are listed as “gets.” Who else? “It’s under the seal, and there it shall it remain,” said Tim Weiner, the veteran Times reporter who conceived of the project. GRADE: B+