Monday Morning Apple Tablet Rumor Roundup

What better way to start the first work week of the new year–and the week of CES–than with a roundup of juicy Apple Tablet rumors from the weekend?

First, here’s a li’l story from Mashable that quotes Lee Kai-Fu, founding president of Google China, saying that Apple expects to sell 10 million tablets in the first year.

This is a slightly meatier piece from MacRumors weighing in on John Gruber’s opinion piece about what role the tablet will fill. Basically, he says it will replace the MacBook.

And here is a long piece in which David Carr of The New York Times contemplates whether the tablet can save print.

Finally, in case you were worried Google would fall behind, here’s another piece from Mashable about the touch tablet Google is supposedly working up with HTC.

[Mock up of Google Tablet from Gizmodo.]