Monday Mobile Roundup: Order & Chaos, Scrollability, Office Jerk & More

Fluik’s Office Jerk Hits 7 Million Downloads: The Paper Toss-meets-Office Space app made a strong showing on the free charts last month and it reports that it has 7 million downloads to prove it.

Hulu Strips External Subscription Link Out of iPad App To Comply With Apple’s Terms: AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka shows that the shoe is starting to drop as Hulu pulled out a link sending users outside of the app to sign up for paid subscriptions after Apple banned such tactics. Which publisher will be next?

Original Facebook iPhone Developer Joe Hewitt Shows Off Scrolling Framework For Mobile Web: Hewitt, who recently left Facebook, uses a photo gallery to demonstrate a “pretty darn good approximation” of native scrolling with his newest project Scrollability.

Order & ChaosGameloft MMORPG Coming to Android — Gameloft’s popular iOS MMORPG, Order & Chaos has already reached the milestone of earning $1 million (in 20 days), but now the company is looking to expand further. In a tweet from the developer, the mobile title will be coming to the Android device, “soon.”

Roamler Offers Random Jobs to iPhone Users — Though it has been seen before in the form of Gigawalk, a new app called Roamler, in Europe, is offering simple jobs to iPhone users. Currently in closed beta, the application offers small jobs (e.g. taking a photograph) that offer €2 to €4. What is different, is that jobs are offered based on a user’s location, and upon completion, they earn points and badges. This increases a sort of rank, which will then grant them more challenging, and more lucrative, jobs.

Adobe Updates Development Software for Mobile Developers — Adobe has announced the updating of its Adobe Flash Builder and Flex development software to version 4.5. Withthe update, both Flash Builder and Flex now support the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry PlayBook. Support for Android has already been available for some time.

HTC ChaChaHTC ChaCha to be Released by AT&T — According to Pocket Now, the HTC ChaCha, with its dedicated Facebook integration (the phone has a Facebook button that allows users to update their Facebookstatus with the last thing they did with their phone), looks like it will be released by AT&T. New photographs of the device hold the AT&T logo across the front. The ChaCha is expected to be released before the end of this quarter.

[image via Pocket Now]

Mobile Revenue in Europe Grows Despite Decline in Calls — Ratings company, Fitch released a report stating that mobile phone revenue in northern Europe has been rising, as of March 2011, despite continual declines in voice calls, sasy The Telegraph. Data downloads, increased revenue, slightly, by 1.1pc, with more exceptional growth in the United Kingdom and Germany. However, southern European countries such as Spain have shown overall decline due to economic conditions leading to users not using smartphones.

Fitch also notes that with the current rate of voice usage decline, data downloads will not be able to compensate as the use of web services such as Facebook, Skype, and Twitter continue seeing more mobile usage.

[Rumor] iPhone 5 to Launch September 7th — According to International Business Times, word on the web is that the iPhone 5, pre-loaded with iOS 5, will arrive during the first week of September; specifically, September 7th.