Monday Mobile Roundup: Mergers, Samsung Galaxy S II & More

Google Removes Emulator Apps — Engadget is reporting that Google has pulled another group of applications from the Android Market. Emulator apps that allow gamers to play classic console games from Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, and so on have all been removed over the weekend without warning to the developers.

ASUS Announces Padfone — At Computex today, ASUS has announced a new Android device called Padfone, says Engadget. While details are minimal at this time, the Padfone is essentially a smartphone device that can dock with a tablet that it comes with, with the latter acting as an extension of the phone.

[image via Engadget]

AT&T, T-Mobile Merger May Be Under Review in California — According to Reuters, in order for AT&T to complete its $39 billion buyout of T-Mobile USA, it must have approval from both the US Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission. However, may have some speed bumps in California as The California Public Utilities Commission has stated that may hold a formal investigation on the merger. They are currently gathering information about the merger “in light of relevant state law and public policies.”

States can block mergers within their state, and due to its size, a rejection in California could “sabotage the deal to a large extent.” California regulators will have another voting meeting on the matter June 9th.

Vodafone Incorporates Mobile Payments Into Taxi Service — Mobile payment usages continue to grow and spotted yet another in London. Vodafone UK has created a number of Vodafone-branded taxis within which customers can charge their fare to their phone and pay by SMS.

Samsung Galaxy S II Hits 1 Million in South Korea — It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S II is the most popular phone in South Korea. According to Samsung Hub, the Galaxy S II has sold over 1 million devices in 30 days. This roughly doubles the sales pace of the original Galaxy S device.

[image via Samsung Hub]

Report: iPhone 5 Announcement May be at WWDC — Another rumor is in circulation regarding the iPhone 5. With a tweet (which was removed) from Channel 9 technology editor Charlie Brown and a subsequent press invitation to the World Wide Developers Conference next month, there is speculation that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5 at the event.

17.6% of Smartphone Users Use Check-In Services — In another report from digital analytics firm comScore, 7.1 percent of all mobile users, and 17.6 percent of all smartphone users, made use of check-in services within applications over the course of March. Additionally, 50.8 percent of the profiled demographic was female, with the largest age group being between 25 and 34 years of age (32.5 percent).